modern doula of Cincinnati

Hi, moms! I always tell people I’m in the business of feeling—and it’s true. Prior to working with postpartum families and babies, I split my career between the financial industry, publishing poetry with small presses, and motherhood.

What attracted me to birth was the same thing that attracted me to poetry—the opportunity to create, feel, and heal. I believe this gives me a unique perspective and understanding when working with mothers in such a beautiful, fragile transition into motherhood.

Here you are at a crossroads, and here I am to help you bring to life what kind of mother you want to be and also make your transition easier. Here’s what makes me capable.

  • Experienced and certified through ProDoula

  • I don’t gather certifications in a variety of areas that spread my focus thin. Instead, I specialize in postpartum care and breastfeeding

  • A single point of contact for you to reach and work with

  • I focus on you, moms—because I trust that you know what’s best for your babies.

Photograph taken by Christen Kauffman Photography

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