3 Easy Crock-Pot Meals for Those Postpartum Days

Postpartum parent? Busy mama? Working parent? Single Parent? Anyone too busy to make a meal? I got you.

Here are my three favorite, minimal ingredient recipes you can just toss into a crock pot and walk away from.

Mongolian Steak

The give-me-iron-please recipe you didn’t know you needed.

If you need some red meat in your life, this is going to make your mouth water. All you need is some flank steak, green onions, some shredded carrots, some sauces you probably already have in your fridge, and you’re good to go! Somehow the ginger, Sriracha, soy sauce, etc marries into this delicious, tangy recipe.

Macaroni and Cheese

Postpartum comfort food sent down from the cheese gods.

You can find MANY Mac n Cheese recipes on the internet with Velveeta. This one uses cream cheese, and it makes all the difference. This recipe isn’t exactly, ahem healthy, but nothing hits the spot like comfort food, especially when it is easy to make. All you need is macaroni noodles, a few different kinds of cheese, evaporated milk, whole milk, and some spices (annnnndddddd if you have green onions left over from the Mongolian Beef—boom, garnish. You’re welcome).


The three ingredient holy-crap-where-have-you-been meatballs you can eat easily with one hand.

Grape Jelly. BBQ Sauce. Bag of frozen meatballs. Go. I want to meet whoever first took their chance on mixing together jelly and BBQ sauce and shake their hand. This recipe is so easy and very freezable (and un-freezable) for those mamas like me who like to graze constantly throughout the day.

I am not a chef, which is why these recipes are so great. Any schmo can put some ingredients together. All you need is a ClickList order at Kroger (or Instacart Delivery) and about 10-20 minutes to throw some ingredients into the crockpot.

The role of a Postpartum Doula is to get new parents into a comfortable routine of life with a new addition to the family. People think of us when they need newborn care and recovery from birth, but we can also swoop in to help make sure you are eating! Go on over to the Services page to see a list of what we can provide.

Don’t forget to nourish that postpartum body!

Don’t forget to nourish that postpartum body!