Small Business Tuesday-

Talking about babies is heavy.

Sometimes you just want to relax and not be a human pacifier and/or diaper changer on duty 24/7.

One of the ways to do that is get a facial. This was the best decision I made after Ivy was born, and I met with a talented and passionate skincare specialist just outside of Cincinnati.

Meet Al Kirkendol, an esthetician (skincare specialist) at 501 Spa in Bellevue, KY. She believes in the importance of taking care of our skin.

Our skin is the second-most complex organ of the body, being surpassed only by the brain. Let’s honor our skin by taking care of it.

If you’ve never had a facial before, I’ll give you a run down. Al first meets with you to discuss your skin goals. She assess what products will be the best for your skin type (even super sensitive skin), and gives you a run down of what she plans on doing in the time you booked. A jade roller, a few hot towels, lots of botanical smelling creams tailored to your skin type, and a scalp massage later, you walk away with really soft, clear skin. It's a great way to reset. Additionally, Al can help you improve your skin outside of the spa by helping adjust and refine your skincare routine.

You can book her here.

And follow her on Instagram @al.kirkendol.

Al Kirkendol

Al Kirkendol

What should my baby sleep in?

How many layers are too much? What should baby sleep in when it’s summer versus winter? Questions the best of us are too ashamed to ask and have ended up Googling at 2am.

You might have heard to dress a baby in whatever you are wearing plus one more layer. To me this saying is hard to unpack. I find it easier to dress a baby according to temperature, and the visual below, from, has been immensely helpful.

First, let me define what a tog is because you might have caught a glimpse of the word below and are scratching your head.

A tog is how we rate warmth for baby clothes. The lower the tog, the thinner the material. The higher the tog, the thicker the material.

Depending on the temperature you keep your home (and the recommendation varies, but it’s usually between 68-72 degrees), you can dress your baby at night according to this.

If after following the tog recommendations, you are still uncertain or worried about baby’s comfort, you can feel baby’s chest and the back of his or her neck. If the skin is warm and clammy to the touch, remove a layer. If the skin feels cold at all, add a layer. With that being said, do not worry if baby’s hand or feet are cold to the touch, baby’s don’t have the best circulation when they first make their appearance into the world. It’s our job to help regulate their body temperatures.

Remember there is no steadfast rule to dressing a baby for sleep. The recommendations above are just that, recommendations. Some babies run hot, some cold. If you're concerned, give the doctor a call!

Lastly, never put a baby to sleep in a hat (unless of course, you are camping out in the cold).


America Has a Hate Problem. Let's Talk About It.

Trigger Warning: Violence

It has been a draining weekend with news of shootings nipping at our heels. It seems that these violences, motivated by hate, have become as common as brewing morning coffee. It's hard to turn anger and fear into productivity while we are healing over and over again, especially when change seems so distant.

As a Jew, I personally worry about my daughter and what the future will bring for her, if one day someone decides that her life is not valuable. I am invested in influencing her and the children in her life towards acceptance and respect.

More importantly, it is my job as a postpartum doula, to ensure that after a baby has entered the world, they are safe and continue to be as such.

Although violence seems to be dominating our culture, there are some actions we can take as parents, while our hands are unfortunately tied in the gun reform department.

Thoughts and prayers are not enough

Though they are wonderful and healing. Calling your legislature and having a productive phone conversation is a harder push. If everyone called, voicemails would overflow with informed constituent messages. Then we might be able to push the conversation upwards! Don’t know how to talk to your senator or congressperson? Read this!

America has a problem with hatred, and men seem to be the ones most often acting out that hate. There, I said it.

It might seem overly simple, but we need to be having conversations with our sons, showing them physical and emotional love, and being an example of tolerance. We need to identify early violent warning signs and nip anger problems quickly. What to watch for?—Bullying (being both bullied and bullying--cyber and real life), violence towards animals, reclusion, acting out, visiting websites with messages of violence, etc. To learn more about how to identify the signs, read here.

Have a family plan

It can't hurt to have an exit strategy during festivals, while visiting theme parks, cinemas, and other places crowded with strangers. That strategy plan might simply be to designate the nearest safe place and how to get there as a family.

Be the ongoing eyes and ears for your community.

Law enforcement is usually the last to be alerted when a violence occurs. They are the bandaid placed over a wound that already exists. Look out for your neighbors and identify early warning signs mentioned above. Be there for your neighbors because they are the ones we turn to when times get difficult.

Get involved in your community. It's true that the actions we take ripple outwards. If we engage in showing our kids we are listening, invested, and care, we are creating a space for communication.