Dear Working Moms Who Come Home From the Office Tired but the Work isn't Done

I see you, hard working moms—

All day you answered emails, scheduled meetings, facilitated phone calls.

Maybe you made a sale.

Maybe you are on the first break of a 12 hour shift and are feeling a little hopeless.

Maybe you spent your break pumping and eating a microwave burrito because it gave you one hand free to answer emails and texts.

Maybe you looked at pictures of your baby as you walked to and from the restroom, and that never diminishing pang of guilt hit you, that someone else is spending valuable time with your 3 month old (or 3 year old. It doesn’t get any easier).

Maybe you pumped one fewer ounce today.

Maybe a co-worker made a comment about your body or about how you feed your baby.

Maybe today your little one hit a landmark at daycare or with the nanny and you didn’t get to be there to witness it.

Here’s what I want you to focus on instead of all that noise

  • You ARE balancing it all right now.

  • You are the first person your baby sees in the morning and/or the last person your baby cuddles before sleep. He or she knows you and loves you.

  • Your baby is going to grow up seeing what a strong woman looks like and what a strong woman does.

  • You will see your baby soon.

  • You can rock your baby a little longer to sleep.

  • Motherhood can look like whatever you want it to look like.

  • You know your child best, and they know this.

  • You've got this. You've got this. You've got this.

Working moms of Cincinnati